Meet the Mistress

In Her Own Words

Sensual and Strict, I am the Mistress of your dreams.

A Gemini and professional Ballroom Dancer, the name originates from the dichotomous nature of my personality.

Soft yet Harsh.

Caring yet Devastating.

Petite yet Powerful.

There are always two sides of the coin. 

I delight in training some of the best protocol-oriented slaves in the world. My standards are high, and you will be eager to reach them because the rewards are plentiful.

I have a unique ability to reach deep inside of people's psyche's and coax out their most hidden desires. I love holding space for people to express their true selves, the ones they hide from the rest of the world behind a mask.

Ushering novices into this world is one of my favorite things to do, and I absolutely love to challenge experienced fetishists. 

Do you think you have what it takes to serve me? There’s really only one way to find out…


Fetish Specialties

Additional services available upon request

Foot, Leg, Armpit, Ass - I know exactly how to wield my petite frame and sensuous curves to bring you to your knees. As a dancer, I take extra care to pamper my feet and especially love having my beautiful and petite feet and legs massaged and kissed. .

Body Worship

I might be petite but I know how to bring you to your knees using my strong Dancer’s legs.

Ball Busting


I wrote the book on it- no really! (GET A COPY HERE) I delight in rope bondage, leather restraint, sensory deprivation, mental bondage, encasement, predicament bondage, and suspension bondage

Discipline/ Punishment/ Protocol Training

I love bending submissives to my will, and training them to please me in a number of ways including but not limited to: position training, service training, ring training, and other types of consensual conditioning. (Note: “slave” is a word that is only used with people who consent to it being used in a fantasy context) Other discipline fantasy scenarios include judicial punishment by law enforcement, governess, school mistress or other authority figure.

Electricity Play

TENS, Violet Wand, electro-sounds, and more …

Face slapping

One of my favorites. I love making eye contact with you and seeing the fear and lust in your eyes

Fetish Exploration

Feet, stockings, balloons, shoes/boots, leather, food, and many more, just ask! I love to resonate with as many fetishes as possible. The more obscure the better. Don’t be afraid, your kinks are safe with me. If your fetish is not an interest of mine, I will always recommend another provider with whom I think you’d be a good match.

Fire Play

Literally hot fear play involving fire massage or cupping

As a former professional dancer, I take very good care of my perfect size 7 feet. Strong, flexible, and dexterous, they’re guaranteed to give you a foot fetish experience like no other! Whether you’re looking for worship or humiliation, underfoot is where you belong.

Foot Fetish


Erotic Humiliation is entertainment to me. Whether I am making you beg for something embarrassing, telling you how pathetic you are, or turning you into an object for my use. You’ll bend the knee and become my bitch in no time.



Impact Play

Indulge my sadism! I am world renowned for skill at administering pain and happily offer Spanking, Caning, Paddling, Flogging, Florentine Flogging, and Whipping (snake whip, bullwhip, lunge whip)


Human furniture, CFNM, putting you on display

Outdoor Play

Come enjoy my private outdoor play area!

Pony Play

Grooming & Dressing, Dressage, Cart Pulling, Lunge Line

Puppy Play

Grooming & Dressing, Position Training, Leash Training, Muzzle Training, Housebreaking

Restrained Beatdowns

Punching, trampling, kicking, kneeing, wrestling, and use of pressure points while victim is in bondage


Using symbolism and ritual to guide bottom on a spiritual journey

Sensory Deprivation

Hoods, Latex Vac Bed, Sleep Sack, Blindfolds, Gags

Sensual Domination

Sensual tease, silk scarves, feathers, candles...etc

Service- Oriented Play

You clean my kitchen, do my laundry, serve my lunch...etc

Smoking Fetish

Cigars + CBD only, no cigarettes

Tease and Denial

You’ll get so close, only to have it snatched away from you

Transformative/ Healing BDSM

Cathartic or subliminative sessions



Brown, Roman, Scarlet Showers

Catheterization or other medical procedures that require a license.

I do not offer sexual services or services which constitute prostitution in New York State, so please be respectful and do not ask