Once a teacher, always a teacher.

In my previous career, I received numerous accolades and international awards for my teaching abilities. One thing that many people overlook regarding teaching is that teachers must be good LISTENERS. I know how to listen to your story, apply my knowledge to come up with solutions, and use clear concise instruction to convey them.

Couples Education

I specialize in couple’s instruction- I’ve worked with over 250 couples on setting up power-exchange relationships, and the safety and procedural techniques therein.

Dominance Development Seminar

I offer seminars multiple times a year that are geared toward helping aspiring Dominants of all genders to develop and hone their craft.


Individual training is offered for both Dominant and submissive skills.

Workshops/ Groups

I am also experienced with teaching groups anywhere from 5-150 people. I have traveled the globe teaching my infamous workshops at various Universities, fetish clubs, and conventions on a variety of BDSM topics. If you’re interested in hosting me at your venue for a workshop, please take a look at my offerings below.

Creating Power Exchange Dynamics

Are you curious about how BDSM and power dynamics might fit into your relationship? Mistress Couple, the Head Mistress of the world's oldest BDSM training chateau, leads a powerful and positive discussion covering power exchange dynamics (Top/Bottom, Dominant/Submissive...etc) and how to work them into your romantic relationships in a productive and healthy way. Mistress Couple will teach about framing (just in the bedroom? or all the time?), protocol and rule setting, connection, and the important role that nicknames play in power exchange relationships. Course material needs: None

Bondage 101: Everything but the Rope

In this bondage class for beginners, Mistress Couple will introduce students to a variety of bondage tools that follow her concept of 3 S's: Simple, Safe, and Sexy. Although rope seems like the obvious choice of bondage medium to many, it is a very difficult medium for beginners to manipulate properly. Often, people who start studying bondage by using rope become frustrated and give up on bondage altogether. It doesn't have to be that way! This course will instruct in basic decorative and restrictive bondage applications by utilizing tools that can be found at home already, or easily sourced at sex toy shops (such as plastic wrap, silk scarves, belts, wrists and ankle cuffs...etc). Course material needs: Plastic wrap, silk scarves, belts, cuffs (all of which I have depending on how many people attend)

Bondage 201: Decorative Rope Bondage

Bondage is not always used for restraint- it can be used for decorative or fashion purposes as well! Using rope, Mistress Couple will show students how to create a "Sakura" or "Cherry Blossom" harness that can be worn as a fashion accessory, or under clothing as a sexy secret between lovers. Course material needs: Rope (attendees could purchase or bring their own, I have some to share)

Bondage 301: Rope Restraint

Using rope, Mistress Couple will cover the concepts of the Single-Column and Double-Column restraint techniques, as well as how to utilize them for a variety of play scenarios. These rope ties can be used decoratively and restrictively in a variety of positions, which can be customized to meet yours and your partners physical abilities and sexual goals. Course material needs: Rope (attendees could purchase or bring their own, I have some to share.

Bondage 401: Mummification and Swaddling

Mummification and swaddling are two types of bondage for people who like to be completely encased or wrapped in a bondage medium. In Japan, "Adult Swaddling" is a big health fad, purported to promote relaxation and well-being. Join Mistress Couple to explore why bondage practitioners enjoy these activities and how to do them safely in your own home. Course material needs: Each pair will need their own plastic wrap- maybe they can bring?, Also will need bedsheets for the swaddling. We could also run this class as a "clinic" where there are a few volunteers from the class and everyone else watches.

Bondage 501: Mental Bondage

The most creative and experienced bondage practitioner can bind or control their partner's body without the use of any tools, simply by controlling the mind. From position training, to protocol and rules, meditation, breath-control, and even brain-teasers, mental bondage can be one of the most intense and exciting forms of the craft. Join Mistress Couple as she teaches about ethical and sexy applications of this exciting category of bondage. Course material needs: None.

Impact Play: Spanking 101

Let Mistress Couple show you all the ins and outs and joys of spanking! From practical details like how to negotiate a spanking scene and safety concerns, to technique such as creating a wide range of sensations and communicating with your partner, this class is perfect for the budding spanking enthusiast. Course material needs: None.

Impact Play: Flogging 101

You've seen floggers at sex toy shops, or maybe you have one in your sex toy collection already, but do you know how to use it? Floggers are meant to be used to create a wide range of sensations, not just pain. In fact, many people describe the sensation of a flogger as a "sensual massage." By utilizing rhythm, dynamics, breathing, and communication with your partner, you can help your partner reach some deeply profound spaces (either as foreplay or during sex!). Mistress Couple instructs on details such as negotiation, safety, technique, and application of these amazing tools! Course material needs: Floggers- either can set up a shop where ppl can buy their own, or they can bring their own.

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Beast through Pet Play

Are you domesticated or feral? Pet play is a type of role play fetish that involves power dynamics. The Top or Dominant takes the role of the trainer and the bottom or submissive takes the role of a human animal. Mistress Couple describes it as "imagination play time for adults!" This activity ticks all of the boxes of BDSM play: bondage (B) in the form of position training collars and leashes, Dominance (D) and submission (S) in the relationship between pet and owner, and Sadomasochism (SM) in the form of correction or even reward. This type of play really helps people to get outside of their human mindset and journey into a head-space that is much more primal and playful! Learn about the negotiation, costuming, training protocols, games, and other delights of this intriguing fetish activity. Course material needs: I can provide.

Sex Toys for the Private Kinkster: Pervertables

Got family members or a roommate that you don't want finding your sex toy stash? Don't want to carry your sex toy bag on the subway to a date? Join Mistress Couple as she teaches you how to turn everyday household items into amazing sex toys for the bedroom! This workshop is also very appropriate persons on a tight budget. Course material needs: I can provide.

BDSM and Fashion:

From latex to harnesses to collars and even stiletto shoes, the fashion industry takes many cues from kink culture. Join Mistress Couple for an overview of BDSM that hides in plain sight on the sidewalks, in fashion magazines and on the runway. Learn how to make affordable and fabulous bondage garments to wear for a night out on the town! Course material needs: None, this class can also be done as a clinic

Balloon Bondage:

Sure, you've seen balloons at parties and events, but have you used them as a bondage tool? Join Mistress Couple as she shares a variety of creative ways to work balloons into your bedroom bondage routine. A balloon fetishist (or "Looner) herself, Mistress Couple will share her insights into what makes balloons, and balloon bondage in particular, erotic. This class will cover the use of balloons of all sizes, from tiny folding balloons to giant weather balloons and everything in between! By utilizing the malleability of the medium and the anticipation of the *POP,* you have the ability to make these innocent party favors into the bondage tool of yours and your partners’ dreams. Course material needs: fetish balloons, all of which I can provide. Again, it might be necessary to do this workshop as a clinic.

Tangle: Exploring Power Exchange Through the Art of the Tango

Tango is the dance of dominance and submission, love and passion. What better way to learn the tango than in a class with the great Dominatrix and competitive ballroom dancer, Mistress Couple #69? Using D/s power exchange, bondage, proper ballroom and BDSM training postures, rhythm, timing, touch and other non–verbal communication techniques, Miss Couple will teach participants to dance a tango with all the heat her dungeon is known for. Afterwards, you can take that home for your own horizontal tangos! No partner necessary. Ginger Rogers said: “To dance is to learn to control oneself.” BDSM and Ballroom dance are both all about self-Mastery. Course material needs: Dance floor and sound equipment.

Ask Mistress Couple

Do you have burning questions about BDSM and power exchange relationships that you are dying to ask someone? Why not ask the professional who has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples. Join Mistress Couple, Headmistress of the world's oldest BDSM training chateau, for a freewheeling question and answer session on BDSM as a lifestyle, profession and hobby. This workshop ranges from humorous to deeply revealing: it is power-filled, rich with personal exchange, and a unique educational experience. Course material needs: None.