Rates starting at $150/Hr

Nowadays, you can find public BDSM classes on a variety of topics, but some things are better learned in a more intimate setting. Educational sessions provide a private, non-judgemental space for intimate learning based on your personal limits and desires.

These sessions are not fantasy or play oriented. They are geared more toward learning about the theory and technique of BDSM practices, or working through personal stumbling blocks in relation to BDSM. Educational sessions are open to individuals, couples, and groups (inquire for group rates).



Rates starting at $350/Hr

Play sessions are built around the concept of bringing a fantasy to life. They are structured by in-depth negotiation and planning. Like all other sessions, your boundaries will be respected. You will never be expected to do something that you haven’t consented to.

If you’re not sure what activities you might want to experience, I am happy to listen to your hopes and goals for the experience and offer a few suggestions for areas of exploration.

Like all other sessions, no sexual contact is permitted between myself and clients during these encounters. The erotic interactions focus around relationships to pain (physical and mental), power, fear, and control.

Long Distance Training


I offer BDSM lifestyle training/coaching for individuals via videochat on a limited basis. I offer these trainings in packages, so after the initial session, you must purchase more than one session if you wish to continue long distance training and set up a recurring schedule.

This is a great option for folks who are not local to the East Coast who are delving into their BDSM interests and could use help with setting healthy guidelines and boundaries, or working through other personal challenges.


Some notes regarding sessions

Deposits: For first-time sessions, I require a non-refundable $50 deposit to reserve your appointment. Deposits can be sent through Venmo, Google Wallet, or the good old fashioned personal check. Deposit info is presented on all invoices.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations with more than 48 hrs notice will be honored without penalty. Cancellations with less than 48 hrs notice will require a $50 deposit (subtracted from session fee) for all subsequent sessions. The deposit will only be applied toward the session if client reschedules with more than 48 hrs notice or shows up for the scheduled session.

Session time- I offer sessions in increments by the hour- PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST ½ hr time blocks.

First-time clients may schedule up to three hours, but no more, for an initial appointment. Repeat clients may book extended sessions (I offer 12 and 24 hour extended sessions) if they have a good track record with punctuality, attendance, obedience, and respect. I offer sessions 6 days a week, but for weekend appointments, there is a 2-hour minimum. *My preference for all sessions is at least a 2-hour session so that we really have time to dive in deep.*

Tribute Rates- Starting rates are different for different locations and types of sessions, and can range anywhere from $300-500. Tribute rates are subject to change based on requested activities, required preparation, or behavior. If your session requires extra time, effort, or energy on my behalf, you will be expected to pay for it.

Scholarship Rates- Each month, I have two session times reserved for individuals who require financial assistance. People of color, non-binary folks, people with disabilities, college students, and senior citizens will be given first priority. Please be considerate when asking for a scholarship rate- these are meant to be available for people who really need the assistance, not those who want a discounted session rate.