I have seen Mistress Couple several times and each session is better than the previous. Mistress has a grace, power, sexy, hunger level of dominance that will have you craving her appetite.

Mistress brings you to the edge and back with the mystery and anticipation of the unknown for what is next from her creative, salacious, wicked mind! Mistress will bring to complete consent with safe submission.

She has primal skills with great hunting behavior for her prey and such savage sensuality. Mistress will leave you stinging, throbbing and longing for more!!


/  Satisfied client  /


She was like no other Mistress I had ever seen. She is completely natural and authentic which makes sessions with her very special, addictive and quite magical.

Once Mistress ties you up with her expert hands, her sadistic side will know no limits, CBT, nipple torture, whipping until you ask for mercy.

Slave training is very strict and rigorous and her playful mind and limitless imagination will keep it most rewarding. In the pro-Domme landscape, Mistress Couple is a real gem.


/  Satisfied client  /


The moment Mistress Couple opened the door I had a great feeling that this would be the best session, She proved that and more.

The tone of her voice, the way she presented herself and how she took the time before the session to sit down and reaffirm what the limits were was something I haven't experienced before. I cant wait to see her again.


/  Satisfied client  /


Thank you mistress for giving me this special place to go. I don't know where it is, but only you can take me there. You understand what it is like there from my side, as you have been there as I go.

Now you bring me, and others like me, in a different way. It is the place where only one thing matters. The place where your mind is wiped clean of all thoughts but that one - pleasing your mistress. Nothing else matters, there is nothing to interfere with that one responsibility when you are there.

As I near your Chateau, I begin to think of nothing else but you. I think of your face and your smile. The pleasantness of your voice, and how you dress to tease me. I have no fear, nor am I any longer nervous or scared, but rather anxious for you to take me to that place again. To explore deeper into its caverns with you. To find new secrets that you will share with me there. And most of all to continue my submission to you. To continue giving of myself to you, sharing the pleasure it gives you.

As I descend into your dungeon, my mind is totally clear of all thoughts, except of you, Mistress. I proudly strip and prepare for your presence, my head held high, my eyes down, proud to be your slave. I feel the strength of the bond your collar gives me to you as you attach it around my neck. I take a deep breath and wait for your instructions that will start the sessions journey to that special place.

I have no fear as you slowly lead me there, as you are always at my side, guiding me, and teaching me so many special things along the way. You have taught me to channel all my emotions into that one thing, pleasing you. That is why there is no fear, no pain, no anxiety. What ever I feel, or hear, or see, is all reprocessed into showing my devotion to you, Mistress.


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Mistress Couple is as brilliant as She is beautiful. There is more than beauty and skill within Mistress Couple, She has a presence that is hard to not be swept away by. It is a cool confidence that will bend you to Her will.

Her look, Her voice, Her touch will overtake You. Whether She is smiling or stern, you will be Hers to toy with, offering up yourself to Her welcome home.


/  Satisfied client  /

I can truly say Mistress Couple is without a doubt the finest Mistress I've ever known. Warm and friendly yet totally in control. You will want to drop to your knees the moment you see her.

Experienced, responsible, and very Sadistic. You're experience with her will be second to none. She very quickly and expertly restrained me so I was not about to go anywhere even if I wanted. Of course I had no desire to go anywhere.

Her skill with the single tail and the cane are extraordinary. Very quickly I was turned into a quivering mess. When our time together ended, like the best Dominants do I was left wanting so much more.

If you desire a truly unique extraordinary experience with The most exceptional Dominant Woman. Mistress Couple is the one for you. You will not regret it!!


/  Satisfied client  /

Though sadomasochism since pre-puberty, I have found expression for that part of me through relationships, parties, clubs, and long-term acquaintances. Mistress Couple has been head of this longstanding S&M training and lifestyle facility for years.

Our first communication was information-seeking on her part, a lengthy phone call in which we discussed every aspect of history, desires, experiences and expectations. When I finally walked in the door at La Domaine-- her dressed thrillingly, her beautiful face and fantastic figure perfectly accented by her leather choices-- the conversation continued. It continued in the dungeon until there was nothing more that need be said, and then the session started.

There was a moment early on when we were still talking, and she casually touched my shoulder. Her touch left me momentarily speechless--I was surprised by this, but the moment was that vital, the rapport and connection that strong. She proceeded to take me through her interpretation of all of our conversations, and further.

She did things I desired and things I had never thought of-- and these new things were superb and not to be forgotten. She led my psyche into new territory, and never let up on the human connection behind the roles we were playing. I would go back to La Domaine and Mistress Couple in a heartbeat. I fully expect, based on my experience of her deep understanding of the dynamic, that in any subsequent session she would build on what we had already established and take me to places I can only imagine. Thank you, Mistress Couple.


/  Satisfied client  /